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Navigating Grief and Loss

If you want to grieve at your own pace
If you are feeling alone in grief

If you are looking for a safe space to process and heal


Grief and loss changes the fabric of our being, forever altering our world. The death of a beloved partner, child, parent, dearest friend, grandparent or any other loss feels unimaginable, shocking, and very painful. Loss can come unexpectedly. Some losses are anticipatory as we provide care and our rolls shift.

Our friends and family care, yet their lives continue in time. Our grief may leave us feeling out of synch with ordinary life, perhaps overwhelmed or numb. The magnitude of our loss can leave us feeling isolated. We might need a quieter slower pace to be present with our loss.

In addition to the loss of our loved ones, we also experience many secondary losses. The very nature of loss often occurs unexpectedly and thrusts us into abrupt, unwanted changes in friendships or with relatives, roles, finances, and housing. We build our lives on plans and future hopes. These added losses compound our pain.


Sessions provide time to express, find perspective and footing in your forever changed life. Trauma, PTSD, feelings of guilt and old emotional wounds often accompany grief. Over time our work together, based on safety, acceptance and understanding will support integration, deepened understanding, and inner strength to engage in life.

If you feel alone and sad

If the ordinary tasks of life feel overwhelming
If your heart is torn and you miss your identity

If you are ruminating with regrets or guilt

If you need your own space to process and heal

I'm available for an appointment

About Me

About Me

Specializing in Grief and Loss Therapy

I am committed to creating a safe, accepting environment to witness, acknowledge, and be present in your grief and loss experience.

I have walked and continue to walk in the trenches of loss. My own personal experience and grief training combined with over thirty years of professional work, provide the basis of my capacity to be present for you.

I am a LCSW and a Certified Grief Educator trained by the world-renowned grief expert, David Kessler.

For over thirty years, I was the founding Executive Director of an award-winning non-profit agency addressing the complex challenges facing older adults. Focusing on the unmet emotional needs, particularly of older women, facing multiple loses, health issues, loneliness, and sense of invisibility.

I bring this long career, skills, training and sensitivity to my private practice. In addition, I am a long-term meditation and Tai Chi practitioner committed to the deep inner journey.


My key principles are kindness, presence, and trust in our capacity to integrate and change.

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